CH Triumphant N' Kala's Sky's The Limit
June 29, 2012
OFA Excellent, Elbow & Eyes Normal
Owned by Kassie Haymaker & Linda McCartney-Roy

Good things bear repeating and Skyler did not disappoint. He finished in 4 shows, was National Winners Dog and had 2 other 4 & 5 point specialty wins. Skyler will be campaigned in 2016 after his big brother Beckett lays up his lead from competition.

BIS BISS GCH Triumphant's Absolute' JH BISS CH Millette's Hang Loose BISS CH Millette's The Cavalier JH CH Millette's Magic Reflection JH
Millette's The Jewel Thief
CH Millette's French Kiss CH Millette's Plain Brown Wrapper
CH Millette's French Lace
CH Triumphant's Absolute Ten JH BIS BISS CH Jordean Up All Night FDJ BIS BISS CH Jordean All Kiddin' Aside JH
CH Jordeans Night On The Town
CH Breezewater's Loki Motion JH CH Triumphant's Miami-Heat JH
Can CH Loki's Impish Pooka
CH Millette Mich's MT Magic Charm CH Millette's Merlot To Go CH Millette's Fire When Ready CH Millette's Mr Wonderful
CH Millette Jordean All Fired Up
CH Millette's Dance Your Soxs Off CH Millette's Joe Cool
Millette's Jewel Thief
CH Millette Mich Mt Nity Grity CH Millette's Joe Cool CH Millette Plain Brown Wrapper
CH Susie's Sizzlen Sarha
CH Millette Jordean All Fired Up BIS BISS CH Sterling Oaks-Sir Bentley
CH Jordean All Dressed Up 


Field Candid