BISS GCH DC Triumphant's Absolut' On Ice
March 14, 2006 - October 28, 2016
OFA Fair, Cardiac Normal, Patella Normal, Eyes Clear
CHIC # 101824

Lucas is the 3rd Dual champion in our Brittany family, he is also a Grand champion, a specialty winner and group placer. Lucas stepped in and took over where his sire left off in our quest for our next Dual champion.

Lucas does everything giving you 110% for effort every time whether it be a competition in the field or the ring. He has a zest for life which he passes on to his pups. At this time he has several dual pointed get running for their dual titles and some youngsters in the wings awaiting their turn. We look forward to great things from this dog as he runs for his AFC title this spring and makes a run at top 20 in the ring in true dual fashion.

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