DC Triumphant War-Boy CD
November 11, 1980 - December 6, 1994
OFA Normal

Gunner was my 2nd Brittany and my first Dual Champion. Bred by my cousin Paul Pollard he was a pup that was bought and returned I had liked him when I saw the litter so I was offered him for 50.00. It was the best 50.00 I have ever spent in my lifetime.

He was trained and run in the field to his titles by myself, he was my first field trial dog and it makes me proud to say he did it all. His conformation title was a joint effort of myself, Nancy Clendenen & Mattie Bittner. I owe a lot of gratitude to Judy Tighe and Maizda Van Deuzen who encouraged me to show my "field trial dog" all of those years ago.

He was also campaigned in American Field trials and at the time was one of the top shooting dogs in our area. Through owning this dog I developed my passion for this great breed and here we are how many years later I am still at it. Still chasing the dream for the next Dual Champion.

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