BIS BISS GCH Triumphant's Saviour Machine
March 14, 2006
OFA Good, Eyes Normal, Cardiac Normal
CHIC #101169
Owned by Michelle & Stephanie Russell


BIS BISS GCH Triumphant's Absolute' JH BISS CH Millette's Hang Loose BISS CH Millette's The Cavalier JH CH Millette's Magic Reflection JH
Millette's The Jewel Thief
CH Millette's French Kiss CH Millette's Plain Brown Wrapper
CH Millette's French Lace
CH Triumphant's Absolute Ten JH BIS BISS CH Jordean Up All Night FDJ BIS BISS CH Jordean All Kiddin' Aside JH
CH Jordeans Night On The Town
CH Breezewater's Loki Motion JH CH Triumphant's Miami-Heat JH
Can CH Loki's Impish Pooka
Triumphant Aladdin's Love CH Triumphant Devil's Advocate JH BISS CH Triumphant Flyin' First Class JH CH Triumphant's Miami-Heat JH
Sandy Acre's Victoria
CH Triumphant Devil'n Disguise JH BIS BISS CH Carosel Tropic-Ana of Jenmar MH
CH Triumphant's Sparkle
Can CH Encore's High Octane JH BIS BISS Sterling Oaks-Sir Bentley BISS CH Chilcote Bent Oak Creditor
CH Paragon's Fantasia
Triumphant's Redd Skye CH Triumphant's Encore' JH
Breezewater Redemption