BISS GCH Triumphant's As Good As It Gets JH
November 10, 2010
OFA Excellent, CERF clear

Beckett is the result of an Epiphany that we had to have ourselves just one more Adam son to compete with and knew just the dam he should have. We co-bred this litter with Lorrie Blockler and Nancy Cunliffe, our friends from Maine. Beckett came to live with us at 8 weeks, he hit the ground running at 6 MOS and he hasn't looked back yet.

He is a Platinum Level Grand Champion, Multiple Reserve Best in Show winner, Group Winner, Multiple specialty winner and also has a derby placement and a JH to his credit.  Most recently Beckett won BOB at the prestigious 2014 AKC Eukanuba dog show. Our long term plans are to run him in adult stakes after he tries his paw in the ring for a year full time. His first pups are just starting to compete we look forward to great things from them as well as their father.

BIS BISS GCH Triumphant's Absolute' JH BISS CH Millette's Hang Loose BISS CH Millette's The Cavalier JH CH Millette's Magic Reflection JH
Millette's The Jewel Thief
CH Millette's French Kiss CH Millette's Plain Brown Wrapper
CH Millette's French Lace
CH Triumphant's Absolute Ten JH BIS BISS CH Jordean Up All Night FDJ BIS BISS CH Jordean All Kiddin' Aside JH
CH Jordeans Night On The Town
CH Breezewater's Loki Motion JH CH Triumphant's Miami-Heat JH
Can CH Loki's Impish Pooka
CH Millette Mich's MT Magic Charm CH Millette's Merlot To Go CH Millette's Fire When Ready CH Millette's Mr Wonderful
CH Millette Jordean All Fired Up
CH Millette's Dance Your Soxs Off CH Millette's Joe Cool
Millette's Jewel Thief
CH Millette Mich Mt Nity Grity CH Millette's Joe Cool CH Millette Plain Brown Wrapper
CH Susie's Sizzlen Sarha
CH Millette Jordean All Fired Up BIS BISS CH Sterling Oaks-Sir Bentley
CH Jordean All Dressed Up 


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