BIS BISS GCH Triumphant's Absolute' JH
March 9, 2004
OFA Good, CERF Clear, Cardiac Normal, Patella Normal
CHIC #101823

Adam is a Best in Show Winner, a multiple group winner, multiple specialty winner, and a grand champion and in addition to those accomplishments has multiple field trial placements and a JH to his credit. Unfortunately he was stricken by a severe case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever while preparing to run him in adult stakes. Because of its long lasting effects on him we opted to not persue his dual title and keep him home. As a sire so far he has been a great contributor to the breed and is now amongst the top producers in the breed, he is also the sire of one DC and several others that are currently being run for their DC titles.

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BIS field
On Point G3
Freestack Moving